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Schoolhouse, a companion program to Woodland, is dedicated to enriching the lives of homeschooling and pre-schooling families with children aged 3-12. With a firm belief in following the child, students will be respected and nurtured in their natural pursuits of understanding the world around them. Our mission is to provide a loving, gentle, and joyous environment for our young explorers. 

Curriculum Overview:

Woodland Schoolhouse will be an eclectic mix of Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Unit Studies methods of education. Our unit studies will rotate every two months as we explore the five major biomes of the earth. Within each unit we will dive deeply into the subcategory biomes, the flora and fauna and tie the study across all core curricula. Students will choose a reptile (3-5 year olds), a mammal (6-9 year olds), or a bird (10-12 year olds) to study throughout the whole school year. With that, they will become experts in classification and identification of it’s habitat, predators, prey, and more!

Reading and Mathematics will be explored in a developmentally appropriate way in which each student is met where they are and will have ample time to master each concept before moving onto the next level. Montessori language (reading) methods and materials will be utilized for phonetic reading, writing, and reading comprehension. Mathematics will be taught through a mixture of Montessori methods and materials and IXL Math curriculums.

Schoolhouse: About

"Woodland Schoolhouse has been such a unique and delightful addition to our homeschool journey. My daughter has shown so much growth this year and walks out of class each week with a huge smile on her face. Our family is so thankful for this program!"

Sara C.

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"Woodland Schoolhouse has given us a wholesome and gentle place for our son to expand his education and love for the world around him."

Rachel E.

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