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Woodland Schoolhouse was founded in 2020 with the help of my two expert explorer children, Jack and Ina. With a mission to re-learn the area after living out of state, and meet other nature loving families, we set out each week for a hike and learning experience with parents and children of all ages. As the number of families grew, we all relished in the wonderful community we had created together. It was, and is, truly beautiful when we indulge in the woodlands together. 

So, although Woodland was created to escape the four walls of the classroom I had been a part of for years, I have since returned to my roots, but in a unique way. Schoolhouse is a companion program to Woodland in which I utilize my education background (BA in Elementary Ed., MA in Elementary Mathematics), my new found appreciation for alternative learning styles, and my love of the natural world. The program of my childhood dreams has come to life and I couldn't be more ecstatic to live out this life immersed in the curiosity and awe of young children each day. 

I am honored to be entrusted with aiding in your child's education. 

-Ms. Emily 

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"We love Ms. Emily's teaching style, her interactions with the kids, her creativity, and her passion!"

Olivia V.

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