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Woodland is a program for families seeking connection with nature and fellow earth loving families. To enrich children and the tribe raising them, we will spend an hour outdoors together, no matter the weather, learning through play, creating, exploring and getting dirty! We aim to provide a safe yet freeing experience for all.

Each week you can expect:
• an intention-setting journal prompt
​• multi-cultural inspired practices
•social/emotional building read-aloud
• native species and creature lessons
​•barefooted earthing
•kinesthetic learning style activity

Explorers will earn Explorer Pins for continued attendance to our classes. Ten classes= a new level advancement in the program, signified by an enamel pin.

​Who: All are welcome to indulge in nature with us. Our program recognizes the importance of mixed aged learning to provide opportunities for children and adults to experience different roles within our tribe. Adults will become mere “supporters”, older children can facilitate our younger explorers with navigating the forest or respecting our earth and our youngest will teach us great lessons in the power of wonder and awe.

Additionally, it should be noted that our weekly meetings are meant for the parents just as much as the children. We too must fulfill our social and natural world needs.

What: A morning outdoors, in all types of weather, for families to gather with other nature lovers. With a mission to strengthen our roles within our own families, as members of our community and as stewards of the earth.

When: Forest Fridays, year round, 10:30 am- 11:45(ish) am.

Where: The Amphitheater, Tower Park, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky.

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"We absolutely cherish every moment we spend exploring with Ms. Emily at Woodland Wednesdays."

Rachel E.

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